As either the manufacturer or principle sales operation for a brand, there are a number of priorities that you need to achieve. Having the right vehicle at the right dealership, on the day promised to the customer and in the right condition is the main objective in supporting your brand promise. But the competitiveness of the market means that this all has to be achieved at the best possible cost without compromising quality.

UniCar can be your ‘eyes and ears’ as the vehicle moves from the factory to the retail dealer anywhere in the world. We can check the condition of your vehicles and alert you to any damage so that it can be managed proactively and still arrive on time as promised.

We also have comprehensive knowledge of how damage can occur in the supply chain, and can carry out audits at all stages to show your liability to these risks and advise what to do to avoid them happening, through training or improved operations.


Our range of services include the following

  • End of production line inspections
  • Distribution centre inspections and audits
  • Import and export inspections
  • LSP audits
  • Supply chain audits
  • Franchised dealer audits