Our Customer Focus


UniCar recognise that damage affects those responsible for moving vehicles through the supply chain in different ways and that no two customers are the same. We are fully aware of differing interests and therefore potential conflicts but in the end we all serve the original manufacturer objectives of right vehicle, right location, on-time and damage free.

Our input to these common goals comes in different ways to differing customer types and crucially we do so in a fully transparent way with all necessary disclosures being made as an integral element of winning new customers and retaining those already benefiting from the services we deliver.

We coordinates best practice across all disciplines to improve operational effectiveness and quality whilst reducing costs and delays.


As either the manufacturer or principle sales operation for a brand, there are a number of priorities that you need to achieve. Having the right vehicle at the right dealership, on the day promised to the customer and in the right condition is the main objective in supporting your brand promise. But the competitiveness of the market means that this all has to be achieved at the best possible cost without compromising quality.

Logistics Service Providers

Logistics Service Providers are the enabler of the finished vehicle supply chain. Specialist equipment and skilled operators ensure a majority of vehicles to be safely transported over long distances, and with very little protection, and still arrive undamaged.


Insuring finished vehicles or inbound components requires a firm understanding of the operational risks working with relevant terms and conditions of carriage to ensure that policyholders and their underwriters achieve the right overall outcomes.