Catastrophe and Accident Management Services


Whether caused by abnormal weather (hail, flood, sandstorm) or man-made (air-borne contamination, accident), large value damage claims need to be managed by experts. We have such experts who have both background and training enabling them to inspect and authorise the right solutions to get your stock moving quickly after such an incident.


Initial assessment

As soon as a catastrophic event occurs it is vital that the affected batch of vehicles are checked as soon as possible. This allows those that have not been affected to be moved immediately instead of being held unnecessarily. As some types of damage are not obvious, but can have serious consequences in future, it is important that this assessment is carried out by an expert with training and experience in such events. It is also important that an expert decides which vehicles need to be déclassé’d and which can be repaired in line with new car standards.



When deciding which vehicles to repair, it is important to understand which are already sold and what needs to be done to return these to a new car condition. Next, prioritisation of all other vehicles is required to minimise the cost implication of delayed stock within the supply chain. Our service focuses on understanding and coordinating the needs of all the responsible parties from the OEM, logistics company and insurer.



Inspecting vehicles involved in a catastrophe is not a simple job. Understanding of hidden consequences is vital as these can lead to significant future claims if undetected. Experience has allowed us to appreciate a wide range of consequential issues and this experience can be used to protect the brand.


Repair verification and authorisation

Verification of the most cost effective repair method is important as any type of damage can be extremely expensive, especially in the case of large value events such as catastrophes. We work with expert damage repair companies across the world and understand the latest development in cold dent repair and non-paint techniques.


Post repair inspection and release

Even after the repair has been carried out it’s important to check that the vehicle has achieved the intended standard for sale as new. With our expertise inspecting new cars we are the obvious choice to carry out the final release of vehicles.