Insuring finished vehicles or inbound components requires a firm understanding of the operational risks working with relevant terms and conditions of carriage to ensure that policyholders and their underwriters achieve the right overall outcomes.

Our extensive experience designing and implementing worldwide marine insurance programmes for all parties involved with the manufacture and delivery of motor vehicles ensures we have a firm understanding of the sector and can advise all parties impartially.

UniCar has the depth of knowledge, specialist skills and local presence in all regions of the world to provide you with a clear and consistent report on the locational risks at ports, inland compounds and dealer facilities. We have a multi-national team from backgrounds at manufacturers, logistics service providers and the insurance sector, who share best practice and work to a single global standard.

As well as auditing and inspections, we can carry out loss prevention and claims management services to whatever level or support required. We use in-house designed and built technology that ensures that all processes are carried out according to the terms of the cover, and we understand how to reduce cases of unwarranted claims.

An increasingly important strand of our services to Marine and Transit Insurers along with Protection and Indemnity Clubs, we deliver loss adjusting and subrogation services for any size of loss where these services are deemed to be cost effective.


Our range of services include the following

  • Port and inland distribution site audits
  • Contractual advice
  • Damage prevention activities
  • Claims management
  • Loss adjusting
  • Catastrophe event management